An American V-22 Osprey helicopter crashed in Japan. Fishermen reported finding three people, but their condition is unknown. The Coast Guard has already sent patrol boats and planes to the area where the accident occurred.

This was reported by Reuters.

It is noted that the accident occurred near the island's airfield, where another Osprey successfully landed on Wednesday afternoon. According to media reports, the incident occurred around 06:00 Kyiv time. Witnesses say that when the helicopter crashed, his left engine was on fire.

Reuters writes that the Osprey aircraft, which can serve as both a helicopter and a stationary aircraft, is operated by the US Marine Corps, the US Navy and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

It is noted that the deployment of Osprey in Japan was controversial. Critics say it's prone to accidents, but the U.S. military and Japan say it's safe.

Earlier, a US military aircraft crashed in the Mediterranean Sea during training flights with refueling in the air. Five U.S. servicemen were killed.

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