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New Delhi:

All the 41 labourers trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel were rescued on Tuesday evening. This breath-taking battle for 17 days was absolutely exhausting. This was the biggest rescue operation in India so far. For 17 days, 41 workers were trapped in a tunnel under a mountain. After evacuating them safely, everyone saluted the courage of the laborers and the rescue team.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the workers who came out safely on the phone and said, "I salute the courage of the laborers and the rescue team." It is a matter of great happiness for me. I can't describe it in words. It is difficult to say how to handle the mind if anything bad happens. It was the grace of Kedarnath and Badrinath Baba that everyone came out safely.

Pm Modi said that 16-17 days inside the tunnel does not reduce the time. You all showed great courage. They kept each other's spirits. Praising the restraint of maintaining restraint, the PM said that at such times, even in the train compartment, we go together. You kept patience, it was great. I was constantly taking information. The Chief Minister was in constant touch with Dhami ji.

He said that PMO officials were also there. But information does not solve the problem. There was concern about the entire operation. I wish everyone the best through you. The virtue of all your families also came to the fore.

"We were stuck in the tunnel for so many days but we did not feel nervous or uneasy. There were 41 people together, all living with each other like brothers. They also ate food together. After eating, he also used to come for a walk in the tunnel. Even in the morning, we used to walk and do yoga. We will thank the Uttarakhand government and CM Dhami. They used to take care of us regularly.

As soon as we came out, CM Dhami and Union Minister VK Singh hugged us. To this, PM Modi replied that VK Singh showed his military training. They were constantly present there.

Pm Modi told Gabbar Singh Negi, one of the 41 people in the tunnel, "I will specially congratulate you. The leadership and passion that you and your partner showed, the way you handled everything. This is something to learn. On this, Gabbar Singh Negi said that sir was your blessing.

He said that CM Pushkar Singh was in constant touch with Dhami. The company is also our family. He also cooperated a lot. Ndrf and SDRF along with the central and state government worked day and night. You saved people from abroad in difficult times. In the country, we would have been saved. I would like to say to my colleagues that even in difficult times, they listened to us patiently and obeyed us, did not give up courage.
On this, PM Modi said that it is natural for all your families to be sad in this difficult time. If there was someone else, he would have become very angry, but your family members showed a lot of restraint. Maintained cooperation throughout the operation.

PM Modi further said that I wanted everyone to be admitted to the hospital through ambulance as soon as they came out. I was happy when the doctors told me that the labourers have no medical problems. Everyone's condition is very good.

Akhilesh Yadav told PM Modi that I am from Mirzapur, then the PM said that I am also from UP. Akhilesh said that we were happy to get out safely, as well as the people outside the operation were more than us. To this, the PM replied that yes everyone is happy. Not only in the country, people abroad were worried. They asked about you. Everyone is happy.

PM Modi said that when goods started being sent through a hole in the tunnel, we thought that we would be able to handle it. All the teams did a good job. On this, Akhilesh said that CM Dhami boosted the morale of all of us. Ndrf and SDRF teams helped us a lot, got us to talk to our family members, which also helped us to manage ourselves.

PM Modi also said in a light-hearted manner that the brother had even said that as soon as my brother leaves, I will take him away, he will not allow him to work here.

Sonu Kumar of Chhapra, Bihar, said to PM Modi that thank you very much sir. All the teams, including the company and NDRF, helped us, talked to our family members, which kept us light. The PM said that the courage you showed will inspire the citizens in the coming days. The penance of your family and the prayers of the countrymen also worked. Best wishes to all of you.

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