Doctors say that all workers are healthy.

All 41 labourers trapped in a tunnel in Uttarakhand's Silkyara have been rescued. The breakthrough came when rat miners were brought in last evening and the last part was dug manually. Meanwhile, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra told X, that the workers have reminded everyone that "it is not difficult to get out of any tunnel" and they have boosted the enthusiasm of every Indian citizen.

"It's a time of gratitude, thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly over the last 41 days to save these 17 precious lives. More than the victory of any sport, you have lifted the spirits of the country and united us in our hope. You have reminded us that it is not difficult to get out of any tunnel, when our actions and prayers are cooperative and collective, no work is impossible.

It's time for gratitude. Thank you to EVERY single person who worked tirelessly over the past 17 days to save these 41 precious lives. More than any sporting victory could have, you have uplifted the spirits of a country & united us in our hope. You've reminded us that no tunnel...

— Anand Mahindra (@anandmahindra) November 28, 2023

His post has been receiving a lot of reactions online. One user said, "Very well said sir. Hats off to everyone involved, you guys have done a wonderful job." "It was great to see the smiles on their faces," said one person. The wait for 41 workers, 17 days and billions of prayers is over! God is great. A third said, "Relief news! Salute to the efforts and hard work of the rescuers."

Meanwhile, after NDRF personnel went inside and made a preliminary assessment of their condition, the first few workers were brought out by stretchers. Doctors say that the health of all the laborers is good. Apart from the temporary hospital, extensive preparations have been made for rescue. The IAF's Chinook helicopter stood by for emergencies and a green corridor was created to shift the workers to a hospital in Chinyalisaur, 35 km away.

PM Modi also said on social media that the courage and patience of the stranded workers is inspiring everyone in the country. He said all those involved in the rescue operation displayed "a wonderful example of humanity and teamwork". "The success of the rescue operation of our brothers in Uttarkashi is making everyone emotional. I want to tell the colleagues trapped in the tunnel that your courage and patience is inspiring everyone. I pray for everyone's good and good health."

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