Gabbar Singh Negi in blue jacket

New Delhi:

All the 41 labourers trapped in Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi were safely rescued late on Tuesday night. All the workers looked very happy to come out. Meanwhile, a labourer emerged as a hero – Gabbar Singh Negi – born in Pauri Garhwal district, 260 km from the spot. They have been caught in such a situation three times.

Stuck for over 200 hours in the ground about 400 feet inside, Negi taught yoga and meditation to his colleagues. He also ensured that they remain physically and mentally active, underlining their commitment to their safety by saying that he would be the last person to step out during the rescue operation.

His brother Jaimal Singh Negi, smiling and relieved, told NDTV on Wednesday morning, "'I am the seniorest... I will be the last person to come out..." At present, all 41 people have been evacuated and medical tests were done to ensure that they did not suffer any injuries. Negi also has a big role in the safe exit of all the laborers.

Jaimal Negi, who has been at the site of the tunnel collapse for two weeks, told NDTV, "I am very happy... The family is very happy. Not just my family, but the whole country... When they came out and we saw that they were safe, we distributed sweets and garlands."

"I kept talking to him every day. First through pipes laid in the ground and then through the phones they gave us. I advised my brother to do yoga. "Yes, we are all doing it," he said.

With a big smile on his face, Jaimal Negi told NDTV about his brother's bravery, "He is very brave. When I asked him if there would be a stampede when the rescue started, he told me, 'I am big, I will be the last'.

"They told me that they have made a list and everyone will move out according to that order," Negi said, adding that it is not just Jaimal Negi who has praised his brother's leadership qualities, but many of the labourers who have come out have also reiterated this.

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