The compilers of the American dictionary Merriam Webster chose "authentic" as the main word of 2023.

According to the press service of Merriam Webster, in 2023, the number of searches for this word in the dictionary has increased due to stories and conversations about artificial intelligence, as it "blurs" the line between "real" and "fake".

"Authentic" has several meanings:

The dictionary notes that authenticity is often associated with identity, whether national or personal. The dictionary's website also claims that authenticity is what brands, influencers, and social media celebrities strive for.

For example, American multi-billionaire Elon Musk made headlines when he said that people should be more "authentic" on social media. But the record for the number of materials in the media with headlines containing the word "authentic" was broken by singer Taylor Swift: she claimed to be searching for her "authentic voice" and "authentic self.

Other Popular Words of 2023

Merriam Webster named some other popular words of 2023: