The first month of winter in Ukraine may be warmer than normal.

This was announced by the forecaster of the "Ukrhydrometeorological center" Natalia Ptukha on the air of the telethon.

"At the beginning of December, we expect that more warm air will enter the southern regions. In the southern regions, on December 1-2, we expect above 10 degrees Celsius. The average monthly temperature for December is expected to be 1-1.5 degrees above the climatic norm. Precipitation is expected to be within normal limits," she said.

If we talk about the first decade of December, then the snow cover may be in the western regions - Lviv, Volyn and Rivne, and on the northern border of Ukraine.

"So far, the cyclones that have now passed and which we expect on Wednesday, for the weekend there will also be a frontal system running through the territory of Ukraine, a little snow will be added in the western and northern regions. Therefore, this snow cover will remain for the time being. After December 3, there will be a calmer situation, a field of high pressure, an anticyclone on the territory of Ukraine will prevail. It will cause some drop in temperature in most areas. The advantages in the south will remain, but the rest of the territories will be in the red. Therefore, we expect that at least in the first decade of December in the west, in the Carpathians and on the northern border, the snow cover will remain," she said.

Earlier it became known that a new cyclone is coming to Ukraine. What will the weather be like - read in the news.

Recall that powerful bad weather continues in Ukraine, which hit mainly the southern regions. An orange level of danger has been declared in a number of regions.

Traffic is blocked on 14 roads, and settlements are de-energized in 16 regions, the State Emergency Service reports. According to the latest data, 10 people became victims of bad weather.