Verónica Abad after Noboa's victory in the Ecuadorian elections (October 2023) 5:01

(CNN Español) -- The Vice President of Ecuador, Veronica Abad, accepted the appointment of President Daniel Noboa to be a collaborator of peace and travel to Tel Aviv, but asked the president to sit down to talk with her because she accused a campaign against her.

The vice president's pronouncement on Tuesday came after the president announced on November 24 - a day after taking office - that Abad's only mission in this administration would be to serve as ambassador for peace in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, so she should move to the Ecuadorian embassy in Tel Aviv. Israel.

Abad warned that not even the United States, in all its efforts, has managed to resolve this crisis that Israel is now experiencing.

  • Daniel Noboa sends his vice president to Israel "indefinitely" one day after the presidential inauguration in Ecuador

Although Ecuador's constitution states that the president of the Republic will assign the functions he sees fit to his vice president, it would be the first time in modern history that a president has his vice president governing outside the seat of government that is in the country's capital.

Addressing the press, Abad further charged that the president's communications team has previously asked him not to speak in front of citizens and said that speculation that he refused to go to the inauguration luncheon and the official photo is not true.


"I would have loved to be part of such events but I was not invited nor was my team, so it is not that I have a different agenda, I do what Ecuador needs to be done."