"Thanks to the ability to carry small drones on board, the Su-57 will become a completely unique fighter jet in the whole world," the published article reads.Earlier in the day, an informed source told Sputnik that small drones were designed to be loaded onto the fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighter, which will add unparalleled features to the Russian fighter.The source said that "small drones have been created for various purposes for the Su-57, and these (small) aircraft. The Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter enhanced by advanced stealth technologies and electronics.The Su-57 carries weapons in the internal parts of the fuselage, which increases its stealth capabilities, and also has supersonic flight speed, while being able to maneuver at very high loads.Serial deliveries of the Su-57 began in 2022, as part of the current government armament program. The Aerospace Force will have 76 aircraft by 2027.