Most likely, Budanov's wife was poisoned because of food. It is now known that several more employees of the Main Directorate of Intelligence have shown the same symptoms.

Ukrainska Pravda writes about this with reference to sources in the power bloc.

"According to Budanov's wife (poisoning - ed.) truth. She complained of feeling unwell, so she was tested, which revealed poisoning," the sources told Ukrainska Pravda.

Currently, Marianna Budanova has undergone the first stage of treatment. However, similar symptoms appeared in other employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate. Therefore, Ukrainska Pravda sources suggest that the poisoning could have occurred precisely because of food.

"Since Budanov's wife is small with little weight, it manifested itself in her faster. And so the poisoning was confirmed in several more employees: they are just a little gigantic, they did not notice anything about themselves, now they are also being treated," the sources said.

Poisoning of Budanov's wife Marianna

The first to report the poisoning of the wife of the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov, Marianna Budanova, was the Babel publication, citing its own intelligence sources. They noted that it was heavy metal poisoning.

According to interlocutors in the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Budanov's wife is in the hospital. Marianna was hospitalized when her health began to deteriorate. The interlocutor of the publication claims that an investigation is currently underway regarding the alleged attempt to murder the wife of the head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

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