"The war may go beyond the occupied territories," the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, was stunned by such an alarming statement in an interview with ABC News.

What else Naiev told journalists and what NATO says — in an exclusive story TSN.ua journalist Victoria Panchenko.

What did Nayev say?

According to Nayev, Ukrainians are preparing for the fact that Russia will establish the production of weapons and go for a new round of hostilities: "We understand that now there is a war of resources. The Russian Federation gets its resources with the help of the 'Axis of Evil' – this is North Korea, this is Iran."

Screenshot / ABC News

Air defense from partners

Serhii Naiev also noted that the skies over Ukraine are now protected by Western air defense systems, which have a critical advantage over Soviet ones: "And we, with the help of our partners, receiving air defense equipment from them, are confronting the Russian Federation with its resources."

Naiev on the importance of technology

Naiev stressed that technology is critical. If the old Soviet equipment needs to spend 100 shells on the target, then the Western one needs much less. In an interview, the general noted that the reduction in aid will really hit Ukraine's defense capability: "Technology always has an advantage, and I emphasize once again: this assistance is very, very important for us."

Plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

At the same time, Nayev warned that if Russia continues to increase weapons production and improve technology with the help of its allies, the war could again go beyond the east and south, adding: "We are preparing for this. We are building defences, mining and training our forces."

What did Stoltenberg say?

In turn, NATO again made a disappointing statement. They are concerned about the situation along the entire front line in Ukraine. They call it complicated. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg before the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of foreign ministers on November 27: "We see a large number of losses. And the most intense periods of hostilities that have taken place since the beginning of the war have taken place in the past months and weeks. And at that time, the front line did not change significantly."

Achievements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to him, Russian troops are suffering significant losses in both personnel and equipment. According to Stoltenberg, this is a significant achievement of the Ukrainian army: "Of course, the military achievements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be assessed by the meters of advance, but also by the losses suffered by the Russian army. The front line hasn't changed much. But also, if Russian troops suffer significant losses in both personnel and capabilities, then this is a significant achievement. The Ukrainian military also pushed back the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. And that's a great achievement."

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