The Russians are trying to remedy the situation with the protection of the fleet in Crimea with a record number of their electronic warfare systems, which blind even satellite SAR images.

This was stated by the editor-in-chief of Defense Express, Oleg Katkov, on the air of Espresso.

"In Crimea, booms were washed away by water, and this to some extent opens a window of opportunity for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But it should be taken into account that SAR satellite images, i.e. radar images, clearly show how the Russian Federation has concentrated such powerful electronic warfare equipment in the bays of temporarily occupied Sevastopol that they create illumination on the sensors of SAR satellites. This spot is so powerful that it is the size of a city," Katkov said.

Satellite image of Crimea / SAR image from Sentinel 1

According to the editor-in-chief, Naval News analysts drew attention to this and noticed that the enemy, during powerful Ukrainian attacks on occupied Sevastopol, turns on spoofing (the program is disguised as another by falsifying data, and thereby gaining an illegal advantage - ed.) of satellite navigation.

"That is, for all the time, nothing like this has been seen on the territory of the entire occupied Crimea. It is in Sevastopol that the enemy has concentrated the maximum number of electronic warfare, which are so powerful that they blind satellites," Katkov added.

Recall that in the temporarily occupied Crimea, bad weather played against the occupiers. Thus, the fortifications that the Russians built on the beaches of the peninsula were washed away by water.

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