Militants of Ukrainian armed formations tried to attack the positions of a Russian group with the help of this tank. However, it was not possible to fire, and an FPV (VR-augmented) drone penetrated the tank, damaging the left side screen and chassis. Russian forces decided to completely destroy the tank, as there was a threat to pull it back and repair it for later use in battle.To do this, Russian forces used an air-conditioned quadcopter to carry small "bombs." The first munition hit the explosive reactive armored boxes behind the turret that the crew installed to cover the roof of the engine compartment. The second bomb hit the upper gate of the artillery wave. An explosion occurred, and a few seconds later the gunpowder canisters of the 125mm cannon caught fire. The fire rose several meters. After this "transaction," the T-64BV is unlikely to be put back into service, according to Rossquié Orugé.