The Russian occupiers in the Bakhmut direction use their own units as bait.

This was stated by the press officer of the 26th Artillery Brigade named after Cornet General Roman Dashkevich, Oleg Kalashnikov, on the air of Espresso.

"In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy does not spare its units. There are cases when the enemy works on its own positions. This happens when we enter the firing line that the enemy held, and the occupiers can inflict artillery damage on both their own and Ukrainian defenders. We also observed how the enemy used their units as bait. That is, they lured our forces onto themselves. After our guys entered the enemy's positions, the enemy began to use artillery. That is, the Russians deliberately destroyed their soldiers in order to strike at the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Kalashnikov explained.

According to him, the enemy is currently trying to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the northern flank and move units of the Defense Forces in the Klishchiivka area.

"Heavy fighting continues, the enemy uses artillery and aviation. Weather conditions dictate the tactics of the intensity of the fighting near Bakhmut," Kalashnikov added.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian occupiers in the Bakhmut direction, despite heavy losses, continue to storm Ukrainian positions. In particular, the occupiers are being driven to storm their own mined fields.

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