The Plovdiv Administrative Court rejected the appeal of Veska Nencheva against the results of the local elections in the municipality of Karlovo. In the run-off, the BSP candidate lost to Emil Kabaivanov from the UDF by 167 votes.

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After filing her complaint, the former MP said that in the week after the vote with her colleagues they reviewed all protocols and recordings of the election process. "We faced numerous gross violations and outright violations of the law," she claimed.

According to the magistrates, however, the complaint is unfounded. They found no significant procedural violations of the electoral process, and the substantive law was properly applied.

There were errors in 11 of the minutes, but they did not relate to the objections introduced for actual and invalid ballots according to the relevant arguments in the complaint for violations.

"Contrary to the applicant's complaints, the decision of the OIC - Karlovo to determine the election results is a valid administrative act issued in the statutory form. No violations of the procedural rules are found, as the act was issued in accordance with the law and the objective pursued by the law when issuing acts of the category of the procedural one, "the administrative magistrates ruled.

Emil Kabaivanov won Karlovo with only 167 votes ahead of the BSP candidate

Veska Nencheva has to pay Emil Kabaivanov BGN 1000,7. costs of the case. The decision is subject to appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court within 24 days of its notification to the parties, writes <> hours.

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