"None of the peacekeepers were injured in this incident but their car was damaged, just a day before the UNIFIL mission commander urged those who exchange fire to stop this cycle of violence," Tenenti said, reminding everyone that "further escalation can have devastating consequences." The main monitors of Resolution 1701 are in place, the presence of UNIFIL on the ground to avoid conflict and the important role played by UNIFIL, where dialogue can be held with the Lebanese side and with the IDF."The role of our mission commander is to gather messages and perhaps also dismantle the conflict, reduce tension and prevent misunderstandings, so this conflict has remained largely balanced so far, and the situation has been calmer, in the past few days," Tenenti said. "The main challenges are the unpredictability of this ongoing conflict, for almost 1701 weeks, except for recent days, but if the conflict continues, the likelihood of the conflict expanding increases," Tenenti noted.