Shooting in front of a high school. A taxi driver shot in front of children who were playing in front of the school at the time, and then fled.

While the children were playing with snowballs in front of the school building, a taxi driver stopped and opened fire with a gas pistol, and then fled. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Within an hour, the driver was identified and detained for 24 hours, BTV reported. Police said he had no previous criminal record and the weapon was a gas pistol that was registered.

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It is not yet clear why the man fired. Authorities are currently working on the case and students will be questioned.

The incident occurred around 14 p.m. on Monday. The taxi driver opened fire in front of a metropolitan high school, while students between 00 and 8. and 12. Class are out.

The story was confirmed by both the school and the police. The driver was identified, the gun was gassed and registered.

"We hear a loud noise in the street, students walk into the building and say someone is firing a gun out of a taxi. Yesterday there were many active games with snowballs. Apparently, one of them got into a car, which apparently caused a driver to come out and shoot a gas gun. Under no circumstances is it okay to draw a gun, even if you shoot in the air, "said the executive director of the school Evgenia Peeva.

After the incident with the children, psychologists worked, and an order was issued not to play in front of the school, as the building is on a main boulevard.

"We have issued an order that we do not accept throwing balls or throwing balls at cars because it is dangerous and it is important that they take responsibility for their actions. We immediately sent a message to the parents, we also wrote in the electronic diary to talk to the students, "added Peeva.

On the same day, the driver was detained for 24 hours, which had already expired. The police are working to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

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