On November 19, 2023, little Mia and her grandmother were walking from a store near their home.

This was reported by Ukrinform.

"A shell exploded literally 4-5 meters from them. Grandma covered her a little with herself. Where I couldn't cover my granddaughter, a little bit happened," said the grandfather of the injured girl, Valery.

"Now the child is already feeling well.

"Today you see the smile on Mia's face. She smiles and enjoys life," added Borys Todurov, a cardiac surgeon and director of the Heart Institute.

"Mia had not only a wound to her heart and neck, but also a laceration on her leg, which is also a mine-blast injury," the doctor added.

The fragment in the child's heart was very dangerous, because it almost touched the large vessels of the heart, as a result of which sudden death could occur.

"That's why it's the girl's second birthday. Grandpa is there, and the whole team is here. Today, Mia is already smiling, and we are all happy and happy that we saved her life," said the director of the Heart Institute.

However, the girl's grandmother is in a hospital in Kherson, in intensive care, she underwent surgery. The woman is in serious condition.

Recall that on November 19, the occupiers shelled Kherson with rocket artillery. The shells hit a multi-storey building. Five people were injured, including a child.