Ukrainian drivers blocked roads in Poland. In this way, they responded to the blockade of the border by Polish carriers.

It is reported by RMF24.


On Tuesday, November 28, giant traffic jams formed in Przemysl and on the access road to the border town of Medyka. The reason was the road blockades, which were organized by drivers from Ukraine in response to the protest of Polish drivers.

"Now I'm going from Przemysl to Medyka. Ukrainian drivers are protesting, they have blocked two crossings. They walk on pedestrian crossings, so if possible, avoid this section of the road," the eyewitness said.

It is known that one of the actions took place at the Lech Kaczynski roundabout in Przemysl, which is on the eastern outskirts of the city. It is the national road No. 28, which leads to the border crossing in Medytsia. According to the police, a group of 30 people entered pedestrian crossings for several minutes or longer, blocking traffic. An identical scenario took place in Medyka – drivers drove onto the same national highway. It was sometimes difficult for local residents to return home.

Recall that on November 6, a strike of Polish carriers began, demanding the abolition of transport visa-free travel for Ukraine.