On Wednesday, November 28, the Palestinian Embassy in Russia organized a solidarity vigil. In an interview with Sputnik, Nofal described this year's pause as exceptional, saying: "This pause this year is exceptional due to the nature of the events, injuries and sacrifices made by our Palestinian people in Gaza in this social and humanitarian catastrophe, which the world has blinded in dealing with, except for friendly countries." "This is what we hope for, and the Palestinian leadership from the first day has had a clear position as follows, first, working on a ceasefire, working on the exchange of civilian prisoners in particular, opening humanitarian corridors to bring food and medicine to our people in Gaza, working to hold the world together, presenting a new vision for a permanent ceasefire and going to political negotiations for the two-state solution, and this is our position that has not changed and we believe that there is the beginning of a change in the international community towards this direction." The ambassador said: "It is true that this changed the international position, in the beginning many European countries stood unfairly with Israel, unjustly and falsely, and the Palestinian people for 75 years have been killed and we have not seen such a coalition, but the European peoples, even in the United States, led to a change in European positions so that they began to talk about a new vision for the peace process, and we witnessed the visit of the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Spain to the Rafah crossing and their statements and disagreement with the Israeli side." A large presence of Arab communities in Russia, in addition to the participation of Russian citizens and ambassadors of Arab countries, and the presence of the Special Representative of the President of Russia for the Middle East and Africa, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov.