Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova shared with fans the disappointing news that during her vacation with her daughter Masha, the girl became ill.

In her photo blog, the star showed her eldest daughter, who is being examined by a doctor. A local doctor examined the abdomen of 18-year-old Masha and talked to her.

"God, well, you can rest in peace! Wish Marusya good health," the singer wrote on the video.

Olia did not tell in detail what exactly happened. However, she showed how she and her doctor went to the hospital. As it turned out, the specialist studied in Ukraine.

"It was necessary to get a doctor in Zanzibar who studied in Ukraine, Sumy. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!", - Polyakova shared.

The star was very upset because of such circumstances, which interfered with her dream vacation at an African resort.

"I wanted to relax so much, but as always. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans," the celebrity said.

Olia also showed what a hospital in Zanzibar looks like. Her daughter was also in the frame.

Recall that recently Olya Polyakova said that after arriving in Africa on vacation, she also became ill. The singer shared her strange symptoms, but was never able to establish an accurate diagnosis.