Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, who recently reported that her daughter Masha suddenly became ill, shared the results of the girl's examination.

In her photo blog, the star appeared on the beach next to her daughter after examinations at a local hospital. So, Polyakova, with Masha's consent, decided to name her diagnosis. An 18-year-old girl was diagnosed with gallstone disease. The celebrity also said that such an ailment is not common in Zanzibar at all. And she added that the reason for this is the daily prayer of Muslims five times, during which they are actively moving.

"Masha had a small pebble out of the gall. Gallstone disease does not occur in Zanzibar at all. Idea? Firstly, it is food, and secondly, five times a day. Therefore, here, in Zanzibar, there is no such disease at all," the artist shared.

Olya Polyakova with her daughter Masha / Photo:

In addition, Olya suggested what could be the cause of such an illness. In her opinion, this is her daughter's malnutrition while living in the UK.

"I think the reason is the British food that Masha ate all year round. Before that, she was fine. You need to monitor your diet and health," Polyakova added.

Recall that recently Olya Polyakova also complained about health problems during her vacation. The star shared her symptoms with fans and showed how she was treated.