Niger's junta has struck down a law aimed at curbing migration from West Africa to Europe, the junta said in a statement.

The law, which made it illegal to transport migrants through the territory of Niger, was passed in May 2015, at a time when record numbers of people crossed the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe. The influx of migrants has created a political and humanitarian crisis in Europe, where governments have come under pressure to end migration.

The Nigerien junta, which came to power in a coup in July, said on state television on Monday it had repealed the law on Saturday.

The junta is reviewing the African country's relations with the Western countries that condemned the coup. It also wants to secure more support at home, including desert communities in northern Niger, for which human trafficking is a major source of livelihood.

The number of migrants crossing Niger has fallen significantly over the years due to the operation of the repealed law, Reuters noted.

Niger's military junta forms government

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