Indian workers, who have been stuck in the tunnel under construction for 15 days, will be out by Christmas.

This was told by an expert in the construction of tunnels, who helps rescuers, writes Independent.

It is noted that 41 workers may have to remain trapped inside the tunnel in adverse conditions, potentially for a month longer than expected.

India, meanwhile, said it was working to find a quicker solution to evacuate construction workers stranded there since Nov. 12, while the Indian Army has now joined the rescue effort.

Rescue teams have repeatedly encountered challenges during drilling, from new landslides to equipment failures, and now recognize that the operation can take much longer.

Workers who are migrant workers from different parts of India receive oxygen, food, and water through a pipe.

Doctors and officials maintained regular contact with them and constantly assessed their health and well-being.

Earlier we reported that the Eastern Command of the Indian Air Force took off two Rafale fighters to detect the spotted in the sky over Imphal, the capital of the eastern state of Mani.