According to the Saudi Press Agency, Prince Mohammed bin Salman congratulated Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz on the occasion of the Kingdom's victory in hosting Expo 2030.The Saudi Crown Prince also expressed his thanks to the countries that voted for the Kingdom's file, as well as the two competing countries.He said on this occasion: "The Kingdom's victory in hosting Expo 2030 comes to consolidate its leading and pivotal role and the international confidence it enjoys." Bin Salman renewed the Kingdom's determination to present an exceptional and unprecedented version in the history of this global forum.Bin Salman added: "Our hosting of Expo 2030 will coincide with the year of crowning the goals and plans of Saudi Vision 2030, as the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to share with the world the lessons learned from the unprecedented transformation journey." The Saudi Crown Prince stressed that Riyadh is ready to embrace the world at Expo 2030, and fulfills the commitments contained in the file to the participating countries to achieve the main theme of the exhibition "The Era of Change: Together We Look to the Future", and its sub-themes "A Better Tomorrow, Climate Action and Prosperity for All", and harnessing all potential. Tuesday, the Kingdom's bid won the hosting after a secret ballot in Paris, where the Kingdom's bid won 119 votes from member states, and two cities competed to host alongside Riyadh, Busan of South Korea, and Rome of Italy.The World Expo has been held since 1851 and constitutes the largest global platform to present the latest achievements and technologies, and promote international cooperation in economic development, trade, arts and culture, and the dissemination of science and technology.