Three ships collided with each other at once during a megastorm in Crimea.

This was reported on social networks.

Giant waves knocked together three vessels: "Matros Shevchenko", "Matros Pozynych" and "Kavkaz-5".

Earlier it became known that the ship "Matros Shevchenko" weighed anchor in the port of "Kavkaz" and tried to go to the open sea. But due to strong gusts of wind, it was piled on the "Matros Pozynich", which could not avoid the blow, and together they were carried to the motor ship "Kavkaz-5".

Recall that in Sevastopol, the glow lit up the sky.

It should be added that earlier in the temporarily occupied Crimea, bad weather played against the occupiers. Thus, the fortifications that the Russians built on the beaches of the peninsula were washed away by water.

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