Russian Major General Vladimir Zavadsky was killed in Ukraine. Previously, the occupier was blown up by a mine.

This was reported by Ukrainian military Anatoly Shtefan "Stirlitz".

According to the fighter, this information needs to be clarified.

Who is Zavadsky

According to analysts, Major General Volodymyr Zavadsky, who was the commander of the Taman Division, was allegedly wounded near Izyum, Kharkiv region, but evacuated from the combat zone. He served as deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps.

It is symbolic that Zavadsky's portrait was used in the Russian Federation to advertise contract military service. However, the best promotional video for the future Russian military will still be a story about the short life and bright death of the Russian occupier. Those who came to foreign lands can not expect another ending.

Volodymyr Zavadsky

Earlier, a well-known media occupier was killed in the Kherson region. He believed in a destiny that "saves the strong."