"These are some parasitic stories that have been spreading at my expense for years. I don't know who needs fame or anything like that. Obviously it's someone who wants to slander me and harm me or blackmail me for something. In this case, I am specifically being extorted for money," singer Luna Yordanova told 24 Hours.

She was charged with property fraud after heirs of a deceased elderly man claimed the presidential candidate in the 2021 election had fraudulently acquired their property. The apartment is located on ul. "The September Uprising."

Singer Luna Sued for Property Fraud

"People are not aware. They constantly blame, looking for cheap sensations for 5 leva. We complain about why Bulgaria is depopulating, why politicians are lying to us and stealing. And people themselves do not see themselves, their own actions and their behavior," Luna added.

According to her, in our country it is not tolerated for a long time when you are constructive. Instead, only the destruction is erected on a pedestal.

Yordanova insists that she has been managing the 10-square panel home for 45 years. The heirs' lawyer, Plamen Totev, explained that the apartment was in a heartbreaking condition and was adamant that Luna had not lived in it. Neighbors were summoned to confirm his words.

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