Authorities of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba have denied to journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso the rumor spread on social networks about the alleged death in the province of Mayabeque of some minors as a result of the ingestion of applesauces with high lead content.

Cubadebate reproduces the publication below:

On the subject of compotes and the alleged deaths due to their ingestion, we have confirmed that the statement that there are children in Cuba who have died from this cause is totally false.

Indeed, there is an international alert for an applesauce, which was withheld in the United States because it was detected to be high in lead. Cuba, like the rest of the countries, received this alert, and consequently, the Ministry of Public Health has given the indication to be vigilant and check in all provinces in case the product enters the country.

No imports of this food have been confirmed and therefore it is false that there are deaths in Mayabeque from the same cause.

(Taken from Lázaro Manuel Alonso's Facebook profile)