8217 motor vehicles were checked within the framework of the ordered specialized police operation to comply with the Road Traffic Act. 9493,2146 drivers and passengers were checked. There are 510 fiches and <> acts for established administrative violations.

The focus of the action is the prevention of driving by drivers who have used alcohol, narcotic substances and / or their analogues, as well as driving by unqualified drivers, the Ministry of Interior reports.

Within the past day, a total of 16 drivers were found to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol - 10 of them were driving after drinking from 0.5 to 1.2 per mil, 6 - with over 1.2 per 1000,11, one refused testing. Under the influence of drugs or their analogues, <> drivers were detected driving, and two refused to be tested.

For 23 hours, the Ministry of Interior has identified 7 drunk and <> drugged drivers

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