The demand for winter holidays in the Carpathians in 2023 is growing - Ukrainians are actively booking hotel rooms and private estates for New Year's dates. At the same time, the cost of living is also becoming more expensive.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine.

As for holidays in the Carpathians for the winter holidays, both rooms in expensive hotels and private estates are in demand among Ukrainians. Some hotels raise accommodation prices by 10-30%. Accommodation in estates is also becoming more expensive.

According to the founder of the tourist portal "To the sea and to the mountains" Oleksii Voitsekhovskyi, the last tourist winter season in the Carpathians was very disastrous due to power outages, because most estates have electric heating. In addition, there was no snow in the mountains for a long time.

Holidays in the Carpathians 2023 – what is the demand

However, in this winter season, the situation has changed and now people are actively booking accommodation in the Carpathians.

"Many owners have their homes fully booked from December 20 to Christmas (January 7 according to the Julian calendar – ed.). At the beginning of the month, all places in every tenth estate were booked for the New Year period," Wojciechowski said.

Prices for holidays in the Carpathians

The founder of the travel portal expects that accommodation prices in the Carpathians in winter will increase by 20% compared to autumn, and return to the level of winter prices in 2022. And on New Year's Eve and Christmas, the cost of living can double.

Thus, according to Voitsekhovskyi, accommodation in private estates in the Carpathians in winter will cost about 1200 UAH per day in a double room without meals.

The most popular places to relax in the Carpathians are around the Bukovel resort. Many vacationers choose Tatariv, Yablunytsia, Mykulychyn, Vorokhta, which are closest to the resort, but with lower prices.

They Ukrainians also like to relax in Slavske in the Lviv region, as well as Pylypets and Dragobrat in Zakarpattia.

Holidays in the Carpathians – prices for December

According to the information on the website, 9% of rooms in 10* and 99* hotels are not available in "Bukovel" on December 4-5, and 16% of such accommodation options are unavailable on December 17-94. As for the cost of living, prices are still lower than on dates closer to the winter holidays.

So, accommodation at the Radisson Blu Bukovel 5* hotel next to the ski lift No7 on December 2-3 in a superior room for two costs 6777 UAH per night. Accommodation on December 9-10 – 7957 UAH, December 16-17 – 9207 UAH. Breakfast separately – 500 UAH.

At the 4* Marion Spa Hotel in 5 minutes. Walking distance from the lift, only a few rooms are available for the weekend in December. The cost ranges from 5400 UAH to 8000 UAH per day. For example, on December 15-17, there is a suite with access to the spa for UAH 13,885 (for two nights) and this is after a 30% discount.

In the 4* spa hotel Diamond Black (2 km from the center), two nights in a double room with breakfast in the period from December 8 to 10 and December 15-17 will cost from 6200 UAH.

In other Carpathian resorts, the choice of accommodation is greater, and prices are lower. So, two nights in the hotel "Fairy Tale of the Carpathians" on Dragobrat on December 8-10 will cost 4000 UAH for two in a standard room, and three days of accommodation there in the period from December 15-18 will be 9000 UAH. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price.

In the hotel "Oselya Dragobrat" accommodation on December 8-10 in a standard room costs 4000 UAH, as well as on the weekend following these dates. The price includes two meals a day.

In Slavske at the Pogar White hotel accommodation on December 8-10 costs 3600 UAH. The same cost will be on December 15-18. Breakfast is included.

Also in Slavske in the hotel complex with a spa center for the weekend there is a small selection of rooms. For example, for the day from December 9, a suite costs 3500 UAH with breakfast. On the dates of December 15-17, the price for a double room with one is 5600 UAH for two days.

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