The Irpin City Court issued a verdict in the case of volunteer Serhiy Dovhyi. He was accused of attempted theft on an especially large scale under martial law.

This is stated in the "Grat" note.

What is known about the case

In 2022, officers of the National Police detained eight people on the territory of the military camp in Hostomel, Kyiv region. They cut the graffiti "Woman in a Gas Mask" from the wall of a three-story building destroyed during the Russian invasion.

When the police arrived at the scene, Banksy's work had already been wrapped in film and were preparing to load it into a pickup truck.

Dmytro Durayev, an investigator of the Bucha District Police Department, informed volunteer Serhiy Dovhyi of suspicion of "a completed attempt to secretly steal someone else's property on an especially large scale under martial law.

"I am outraged by the wording 'secret abduction'. Everything happened in the morning, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., in an open area, civilians and military people walked by. In addition, videographers filmed the process on two cameras," Dovhyi explained his position in a conversation with Graty a few days after receiving the suspicion.

In February, law enforcement officers completed the investigation and transferred the case of Serhiy Dovhyi to the same Irpin City Court.

Judge Shestopalova found Dovhyi guilty and sentenced him to five years in prison, but released him from serving a sentence with a probationary period of three years.

Recall that the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office appealed the decision of the Holosiivskyi District Court of Kyiv, which ordered actor Ostap Stupka to perform community service in certain institutions for three years with a deprivation of a driver's license for eight years.