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The Israeli military said on Monday it had released 7 hostages held in Gaza after the October 11 attacks by Hamas. "Based on information from the Red Cross, 11 hostages are currently moving into Israeli territory," the military said in a statement.

Israel and Hamas agreed to halt fighting in Gaza for four days from Friday, a period during which a total of 150 hostages will be released in exchange for 50 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Some foreign detainees have been separately released from Gaza. Earlier on Monday, a two-day extension was agreed in the ceasefire, which would require the release of at least 10 hostages every day from the Gaza Strip in exchange for three times the number of Israeli prisoners.

In a statement, residents of Nir Oz Kibbutz said all 11 people released were from the community. "Of the remaining hostages, 49 are from Nir Oz," it said. Kibbutz official Osnat Perry said Monday's release "has brought a sigh of relief to our community, although we are concerned about our loved ones who are still held hostage."

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