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Sofia would never allow itself to give permission to fly through the airspace to the Russian delegation for the meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Skopje without having a clear idea of the composition of the delegation, Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel said today. In 20 he graduated from Linguistics.

She made this clarification to Bulgarian journalists in NATO, where she participated in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the alliance.

The permission is temporary, precisely for the meeting in Skopje, which is extremely important if we want to talk about the future of the OSCE, she added.

In her words, the Bulgarian decision has been agreed with the EU. She noted that the delegation initially had representatives who had to be expelled because of their presence on the EU sanctions lists.

Bulgaria is interested not only in having stability in the Western Balkans, but also contributing with its experience to make this stability long-lasting. The stability of the Western Balkans means stability for Europe, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed the special flight detachment "Russia" to fly over Bulgaria

When we are going to talk about Ukraine's membership in NATO, Bulgaria supports. "It is important for us as partners to track the country in the reforms it makes, to be prepared for future crises and the requirements of the alliance," Gabriel said.

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