For the first time since her divorce from her husband, presenter Nikita Dobrynin, Ukrainian millionaire blogger Dasha Kvitkova hinted that she had plunged into a new relationship.

On her Instagram, the celebrity made a controversial post. The blogger published footage of herself smiling in a coffee shop. Dasha noted that everything is immediately visible in the eyes. By the way, this is usually said when a person is in love.

"They say that you can see everything in your eyes. Therefore, this is the rubric "I can't say, but you can feel," the blogger left a mysterious signature.

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By the way, Kvitkova accompanied the footage with the song of the singer Cheev – "Sadness". In the composition, in particular, there are the following lines: "The two of us and this is enough for us. To love like it's the last time. After all, I am with you because I am with you."

This mysterious post led fans to believe that Dasha is no longer alone. They began to greet her and wish her happiness. Meanwhile, the celebrity thanked for such pleasant words and left mysterious emoticons where the couple hugs.

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By the way, for a long time Dasha Kvitkova has been publishing posts where she appears with luxurious bouquets of flowers. The blogger did not admit who pleases her with such gifts. Probably, Dasha's flowers are given by a mysterious chosen one.

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Recall that Dasha Kvitkova from 2020 to 2023 lived in marriage with presenter Nikita Dobrynin. Six months ago, the couple broke up. The former lovers are raising a common son, Leo. By the way, Nikita Dobrynin is no longer alone either. He is suspected of having an affair with a well-known blogger. Dasha has already commented on her ex-husband's new relationship.