Cyprus ranks first in two EU rankings for antibiotics - for the greatest use by patients and for overconsumption in agriculture. The alarming data on the two health-threatening trends were announced at a scientific conference held in Nicosia under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Cyprus Medical Association.

With the highest antibiotic consumption in Europe, Cyprus ranks among the countries that have reached dangerous levels for ineffectiveness of their action, according to experts from the National Committee for Antimicrobial Resistance. They pointed out that almost 80% of these drugs are prescribed in primary care, with up to 70% of them inappropriate according to the diagnosis, the type of antibiotic and the course of treatment.

Researchers from the University of Cyprus noted the need for an immediate program for rational use of antibiotics in hospitals in the country, as the levels of resistance and nosocomial infections in them are among the highest in Europe.

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The health situation is also deteriorating due to the use of large amounts of antibiotics in livestock, fish farming and agriculture, with which Cyprus holds a "sad lead", according to a European report quoted at the conference.

According to scientists, climate change is also adversely affecting the spread of new resistant viruses, bacteria and other disease agents.

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