The start of construction of the metro to Troieshchyna and trolleybus lines to Brovary and Bucha was announced in the City Target Program for the Development of Kyiv Infrastructure for 2024-2025.

This is stated in the draft decision published on the website of the Kyiv City Council.

How much will it cost?

The total budget of this program is UAH 34 billion 783.627 million. At the same time, UAH 19 billion 880.8 million is expected to be allocated from the budget of the capital, UAH 800 million - to be received from the state budget, UAH 14.1 billion - from other sources.

According to the document, the projects planned for next year require funding in the amount of UAH 14 billion 953.8 million, including UAH 8.96 billion from the city budget and UAH 5.993 billion from other sources.

In 2025, the amount of funding for the implementation of planned projects is UAH 19 billion 829.7 million, including UAH 800 million from the state budget, UAH 10.920 billion from the city treasury and UAH 8.109 billion from other sources.

The most famous long-term construction

The most famous Kyiv long-term construction - the Podolsky bridge crossing - by the end of 2025, according to the target program, should be brought to 88% readiness. It is planned to allocate UAH 850 million for this purpose in 2024 and UAH 950 million in 2025, with all UAH 1.8 billion from the city budget, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Metro development

Big plans for the program to intensify projects for the development of the subway. For the construction of a section of the Syretsko-Pechersk metro line from the station. UAH 1.49 billion is provided for the Vynohradar residential area from the electric depot for the next two years, of which UAH 640 million in 2024 and UAH 850 million in 2025.

The plan also provides for the construction in 2025 of the exit from Art. Lvivska Brama for UAH 20 million from the local budget.

The arrangement of the lobby of the Vokzalna station for modern needs in 2024-2025 with the construction of the second exit will cost UAH 11 million. But in order to make one of the newest metro stations inclusive by 2025 - Zhytomyr - the program provides 25 times more funding - UAH 278.6 million.

The plans for the development of the capital's infrastructure also include the start of construction of the metro to Troieshchyna, namely the section of the Podilsko-Vygurovskaya metro line from the Hlybochytska station to the Raduzhna station - with a symbolic UAH 5 million in 2024 and UAH 20 million in 2025, which will allow, as indicated in the target program, to walk 10 m by the end of this period.

For the construction of a section of the Kurenivsko-Krasnoarmeyskaya metro line from the station. "Exhibition Center" to Odesa Square provides UAH 46.8 million of city funds in 2025.

Trolleybus lines to Brovary and Hostomel, Irpin, Bucha

The authorities also promise to start construction of trolleybus lines to Brovary and Hostomel, Irpin, Bucha, for which UAH 25 million is provided for each direction in order to achieve 2.5% of project readiness by the end of 2025.

Other projects

Budget for the reconstruction of the traffic interchange st. Bogatyrska/Polyarna reaches almost UAH 1.4 billion, of which UAH 579.2 million for 2024 and UAH 819.27 million for 2025. Another UAH 40 million in 2025 is provided for by the Shuliavska interchange project.

It is proposed to allocate UAH 14 million in 2025 for the development of documentation on transport modeling of Kyiv. At the same time, for the comprehensive reconstruction of tram lines on Kontraktova Square for the next two years - UAH 280.5 million, for the reconstruction of the funicular building - UAH 355.9 million.

For 2024, it is proposed to build a section of Bolshaya Okruzhnaya from Ave. Rokossovsky to Bogatyrska with the construction of a transport interchange (UAH 121 million 63.9 thousand from the city budget).

Where does the funding come from?

For the renewal of rolling stock in a two-year perspective, most of the planned financing will be allocated within the framework of a targeted loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the national project "Urban Public Transport of Ukraine". In particular, according to the program, UAH 989.8 million will be allocated for the purchase of 85 buses, UAH 3 billion for 42 tram cars, UAH 2.77 billion for 74 trolleybuses and UAH 4.168 billion for 48 new metro cars. Once again, the cabins of the funicular will be renovated - this time for UAH 486.7 million.

This draft decision of the Kyiv authorities is currently under consideration by the relevant commissions of the city council.

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