Mobilization continues in Ukraine, which applies to all conscripts Ukrainians.

Is it possible to refuse mobilisation for religious beliefs if they prohibit taking up arms, writes Ukrainska Pravda.

Andriy Novak, a lawyer at Miller Law Firm, stressed that there are no exceptions in the law on mobilization in relation to believers.

What is an alternative service?

Alternative service is introduced only instead of compulsory military service.

The list of religious organizations whose doctrine does not allow the use of weapons and which have the right to alternative military service:

However, the norm on alternative service was in force in peacetime and does not apply to mobilization.

Is it possible to get a non-combat position?

According to the lawyer, hypothetically, yes. It all depends on the TCC and representatives of military units – the so-called "buyers". To get a non-combat position, the lawyer advises to write an application to the TCC.

"If a person has written a statement and confirmed that he belongs to religious organizations that prohibit the use of weapons, he can only be appointed to a non-combat position. She can be a cook, driver, engineer, etc.

... But if the military commissar stubbornly sends him to the mortar crew, a person can write a complaint, file a lawsuit, referring to Article 35. But I have not seen such cases in practice, and I doubt that this is done in the military registration and enlistment offices," says Novak.

He emphasizes that pacifist views and reluctance to participate in the war are not grounds for exemption from mobilization.

Can Orthodox or Greek Catholic priests be mobilized?

According to the lawyer, the rank of priest is not a reason to avoid mobilization.

"There is no official postponement precisely because a person is a bishop or a priest. In this case, no "letters" from the diocese work. ... Due to the fact that he is a bishop, deacon, bishop or someone else, there are no postponements. Both priests and church leaders can be mobilized, but it all depends on the mobilization tasks," Andriy Novak explains.

Novak clarifies that in peacetime, clergymen were granted a deferment from conscription for military service (for the duration of the duties of a priest). However, this rule is currently not in effect.

In addition, priests can sign a contract and become chaplains.

Earlier, the Council of Churches asked not to punish those whose faith does not allow them to take up arms.

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