On November 28, the news about the poisoning of Budanov's wife spread on the Internet, she was urgently hospitalized, and the expert even suggested what and how the chosen one of the chief intelligence officer of Ukraine could have been poisoned.

But what is known about Marianna herself is stated in Victoria Hnatiuk's exclusive TSN. UA.

When Kyrylo and Marianna Budanova met

Close 24/7 – this is how the Chief Intelligence Officer of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov spoke about relations with a friend. From the first day of the full-scale invasion, the house of these two was replaced by an office and thus managed not to be separated for a long time, even in the conditions of war.

But how Marianna managed to win the heart of someone who terrifies Russians is not known to everyone. And in general, there is not much information about her herself, but some facts will surprise you. The two have been together for 10 years and the age difference is 7 years. They met before the start of the Maidan in 2013 and a few months later Marianna received a marriage proposal.

By the way, this is Budanov's second wife, he got married to the first one in 2009, but it is unknown when he divorced and why. The family life of Marianna and Kyrylo was never calm, because even then he worked in intelligence. Here is the woman herself who comments on the life of her family.

"You have to understand that there was almost no peacetime as such for my family. A few months after I met my future husband, the dramatic events on the Maidan began to unfold.

Then, as you know, everything went on and on: the annexation of Crimea, the fighting in Donbas. Later, the ATO began, where Kyrylo was one of the first to be sent. I'm used to living in a constant state of preparation and anticipation. Therefore, the first days of the invasion did not come as a shock to me," said the wife of the chief intelligence officer.

What helps to master yourself

Budanov's wife noted that there has been no fear for a long time, because she has already survived three injuries to her husband, one of which was severe, so she is always mentally ready for any scenarios. He admits that the education of a psychologist also helps to master emotions.

"Previously, when he went to the ATO, we could not see each other for three months, not communicate for weeks when he was on combat missions. Even then, I learned to control my emotions. You know, a person is a creature that gets used to everything. As a psychologist by education, I can confirm that it takes 21 days to develop a habit, and an average of 60 days to consolidate it. The absolute truth, which I personally checked," she said

What is known about Marianna's life

By the way, Marianna herself says that she studied a lot to get a master's degree in psychology. And when the ATO began, she became a volunteer. She admitted in an interview with Elle that she became it by accident when she visited Kyrylo in the hospital after being wounded and met a team of volunteers and medics, there were many wounded, and there was a critical shortage of hands.

Life after the start of the full-scale invasion

During the full-scale war, Marianna continued to volunteer, helping people communicate with trusted charitable foundations. But now the woman does not maintain social networks at all, and in principle, she is not very public.

There are not many photos on the long-abandoned account, she has rarely appeared in public before, and she gave her first major interview in 2022 to Elle. But it is known that in the past the girl applied for politics and ran for deputy from Vitali Klitschko's party "UDAR". She was not elected to the Rada, but since June 2021, she has become an adviser to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko on the detection and prevention of corruption in the field of youth policy and sports.

He notes that the man did not oppose his political career. And during the full-scale war, work stopped, but Marianna continued to solve certain work issues, only now remotely.

The first day of the full-scale war

Well, it is clear that Marianna knew well that there would be a full-scale war on the evening of February 23, packed her things and went with her husband to work, since then, these two have been inseparable. Budanov's wife admitted that she even saw the first preparations for battles with the Russians.

"On the evening of February 23, my husband told me that a full-scale invasion would begin at 5:00 a.m. We packed up and went to his work, and since then we have been away from home... Already in the evening, I watched the preparation of the first groups of special forces, who were to go to Hostomel, the issuance of weapons and ammunition. Everyone was waiting, at 12 o'clock at night the guys were eating hamburgers from McDonald's. And we were ready for battle," she recalled.

What Budanova knows about the special operations of the Main Intelligence Directorate

She admits that she has seen a lot, but as for state secrets or information classified as "secret", she does not get involved. And she gives advice to her husband only when he himself asks. I also got used to life in the office, where I almost said goodbye to life.

"Kyrylo Oleksiyovych was at a meeting a few walls away from me, and I went into one of the rooms to read some documents. She took off her shoes and lay down on the sofa in front of the window. And in a few minutes, I hear a sound that cannot be confused with anything else — the sound of a rocket arriving. I'm barefoot, with shoes in one hand, papers in the other. It may seem strange, but the first thought that flashed through my head was: "I need to cover my face, then if I die, at least with an uncut face."

I was ready for anything, but I didn't expect that there would be thick gray dust in the air, like fog. It immediately makes your eyes red and gives off a strong pungent smell. I remembered that I had to breathe through my nose so that small particles of glass would not get into my trachea. At that moment, I ran out to the door, Kirill Alekseevich ran towards me. On this day, we lost our brother. I'm not even talking about lost property, because everything material is leveled during the war," Budanov's wife said.

But even at such moments, the family has time to joke.

"I remember how on one of the first days of the invasion, the air raid siren went off, I was knocked to the floor, Kyrylo Oleksiyovych was on top, and a dozen more guys were on top of him. And I shouted: 'Lord, my God, if I am not killed by a rocket, then you will definitely strangle me,'" she recalled.

Why there are so few friends

Because of this, Marianna has few friends and a very narrow circle of friends. She says it's not because she doesn't want to communicate or is arrogant, but because she's essentially a "walking danger."

What is known about the attempt on the intelligence officer's wife

Marianna does not say how many assassination attempts she had to survive, but on November 28, they tried to kill the scout's wife again, this time most likely they poisoned her food with heavy metals. This has already been confirmed in intelligence, but so far without details.

Experts' opinions are divided, everyone is sure that legs grow from Russia, and political strategist Serhiy Haidai is sure that they tried to poison Marianna Budanova with Novichok, which Russians love to use against their enemies.

Statement of the ex-head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence

The former head of intelligence, Valerii Kondratiuk, also said his word, he is also sure that Russia is behind the poisoning of the wife of the head of the military intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov and other employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate and linked this poisoning with successful operations of the Main Intelligence Directorate on the territory of Russia, including with the participation of fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

In addition, the former head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence said in an interview with NV radio how Budanova was actually poisoned.

"I have classified information that was not yet known. Poisoning occurred with heavy metals. During the tests, metals such as arsenic and mercury were detected," he said.

Later, the Main Directorate of Intelligence confirmed that Marianna Budanova was indeed poisoned with heavy metals.

Has the traitor been found?

The question of how the traitor was able to get so close to Budanov and his wife remains open, whether they already know who it is and how he will pay for trying to kill the girl, although experts do not rule out that in fact the poison was intended for the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate. He was also checked and no signs of poisoning were found, but several other officers were admitted to the hospital with similar symptoms as Marianna.

Budanov's wife was poisoned with arsenic and mercury?! What is known about the female chief intelligence officer?

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