An attempt on the life of the chief of intelligence, the wife of chief intelligence officer Kyrylo Budanov, was poisoned with heavy metals. Now the woman is under the close supervision of doctors.

The details of the daring assassination attempt, which were shared in the Main Directorate of Intelligence, were told in an exclusive story by journalist Artem Zyabkin.

Budanov's wife was poisoned

On the morning of November 28, the media published shocking news — the wife of the Head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Marianna Budanova, is in the hospital. She was brought there after a long deterioration in her health. The conclusion of experts is intentional poisoning with heavy metals.

"These substances are in no way used in everyday life and military affairs. Their presence may indicate a deliberate attempt to poison a particular person. Now the course of treatment is being completed, then there is the control of doctors," Babel writes.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence assured that the woman's condition is currently stable. The course of her treatment is coming to an end, then she will be monitored by doctors.

What exactly poisoned Budanova is not specified, but it is assumed that it could have been a repeated action. The woman could have been poisoned in portions. Security forces have launched an investigation into the assassination attempt on Budanov.

How could this happen? It must be understood that probably the main target of the enemies was most likely to be her husband, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kyrylo Budanov.

24/7 was by my husband's side

In one of his interviews, he admitted that he is with his wife around the clock, in particular, they live together in the intelligence officer's office. Although Marianna does not work in the Main Intelligence Directorate, it is easier to protect the Budanovs from enemies.

Not only Budanova was poisoned

According to Ukrainska Pravda journalists, Marianna was poisoned because of food. The woman felt unwell for some time. When I passed the tests, the doctors managed to confirm this fact. They also tried to poison several other employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

"Since Budanov's wife is small with little weight, it manifested itself in her faster. And so the poisoning was confirmed in several more employees: "they are just a little gigantic, they did not notice anything about themselves, now they are also being treated," Ukrayinska Pravda said in a statement.

It must be understood that Budanova's husband Kyrylo is perhaps the main target of the ruscists. It was under his direct leadership that Ukrainian fighters struck precision strikes on Crimea and even repeatedly landed on the temporarily occupied peninsula.

Did you hunt for Budanov?

The Kremlin has long wished him dead. And so much so that they repeatedly invented fakes about his death. One of them was thrown in by the ruscists after an alleged missile attack on the office of the Main Intelligence Directorate in Kyiv.

"Later, the attempts of Russian propaganda to explain that someone was treated later, some consequences, the hairstyle is not the same, there is something else very interesting, continue to spend your efforts and resources," said Andrii Yusov, spokesman for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to media reports, missiles aimed at Budanov's Office at least twice. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

"Officers remember the horror when rockets flew and windows were blown out. The men, who were waiting in the waiting room to meet their boss, fell to the floor. A few minutes later, the door opened and Kyrylo Budanov came out, who said: "Everything is fine" and ordered him to return to work. He shook himself off, put on his cap and went outside to inspect the damage," The Economist said in a statement.

Since the beginning of the war with Russia in 2014, there have been more than 10 attempts on the life of the current head of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Budanov, said Andrii Yusov, spokesman for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

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