There are no signs of Ukraine fatigue on the part of EU member states.

This was stated by EU High Representative Josep Borrell, Radio Liberty reports.

"I do not see any signs of fatigue from Ukraine in the EU member states," the head of European diplomacy assured.

He noted that the aspect of the war in Ukraine is "one of the most serious among those we are dealing with."

"But everyone recognizes the successes of Ukrainians. Some people don't talk about because you're concentrating on military gains. But what is the only success in the export of grain from Ukraine, which works!" said Borrell.

He is convinced that EU member states will continue to help Ukraine, because "this is an existential issue for us as well."

As previously reported, Foreign Affairs wrote in an article on November 17 about the "stalemate" of the war in Ukraine. The article also said that "among Western supporters, fatigue with Ukraine is beginning to affect their willingness to continue the flow of support to Kyiv."

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