David Chávez Madison, president of the National Party of Honduras. (Credit: X)

(CNN Español) -- The Court of First Instance with National Territorial Jurisdiction, Organized Crime and Corruption issued on Tuesday an arrest warrant against the president of the National Party of Honduras, David Guillermo Chávez Madison, for the alleged crimes of fraud and violation of the duties of officials to the detriment of the public administration.

According to the arrest document issued by the Criminal Judge with National Jurisdiction, Marco Antonio Vallecillo Banegas, Chávez would have committed these two alleged crimes when he was director of the state-run National Institute of Vocational Training (INFOP), between 2010-2013.

Chavez, who was traveling on a commercial flight to the United States on Tuesday, was taken off the plane by immigration agents because he presented two passports, including a diplomatic passport that, according to authorities, he could no longer carry because he ceased to be a diplomat when his term as a congressman ended in 2021, the director of the National Institute of Migration told CNN. Allan Alvarenga.

"Chavez was requested by an inspector of the institution to consult him because he was carrying a diplomatic passport, but the inspection could not be carried out because he abruptly took his cell phone and left the airport unexpectedly, leaving the two passports, which are in the custody of Immigration, thrown away," the official added.

The director of Immigration said that Chavez was not captured when he was requested by agents of the institution because at that time he did not have any alert of an arrest warrant against him, which he assured came out after the incident that arose at the airport.


He added that "the only thing they wanted to consult the president of the National Party (was) because he still had the diplomatic passport in his possession, which was the one he presented to carry out the immigration process."

CNN has tried to reach David Chavez through various means, without success.