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Hunters in Bosnia and Herzegovina have found several wild boars that have died from African swine fever, which is why hunting for these animals has been suspended.

According to veterinarian Zoran Damjanac, at least seven wild boars have died in hunting grounds between Nevesinje and Gačko in eastern Herzegovina. They were found by hunters last weekend.

After analysis of the meat taken, infection with African swine fever, for which there is no cure, was confirmed. This disease devastated many pig farms, and the infection spread among wild animals. "We sent the samples to the Vasso Butozan Institute in Banja Luka, after which the presence of African swine fever was confirmed," Damjanac told local media.

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After finding the remains of animals in the area, the necessary measures were taken. Dead animals are transported and the access of hunters is prohibited.

The local association banned the hunting of wild boars in a wider area where the dead animals were found.

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