Ship traffic in the Dardanelles Strait has been temporarily suspended in both directions due to adverse weather conditions, Turkish news website Yeni Asser reported, citing Turkey's Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Due to the storm, which has been raging intermittently in the region since the morning, the Dardanelles Strait has been closed to ship traffic from the north and south direction from 15:15 (14:15 Bulgarian time), the ministry said.

The Directorate of Vessel Traffic Services in the Dardanelles Strait notified the masters of the vessels by radio of the stopping of the crossings.

Due to the storm, the ferry services of Canakkale-Kilitbahir, Canakkale-Ejeabat and Lapseki-Gelibolu were also temporarily suspended by order of the port authority.

At the same time, Turkish Airlines announced that it was canceling some of its flights due to unfavorable weather conditions in Istanbul and its surroundings, private broadcaster CNN-Turk reported.

The company said a total of 56 flights to and from Istanbul Airport had been cancelled in line with a decision by the Meteorological Emergency Committee.

Cargo ship strands off Turkey's Black Sea coast due to storm

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