A 12-year-old boy with French and Israeli citizenship, taken hostage by Hamas and now released, experienced horrific moments while in captivity, a relative told French broadcaster BFM.

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"Eitan had terrible moments there," said his aunt, Deborah Cohen.

"When he was brought to Gaza, civilians hit him, even though he was only 12 years old," she said. The aunt added that the child shared this with his mother.

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"Hamas forced him to watch the abuse committed and filmed on October 7 by Palestinian militants," she added. "Every time a child among the kidnappers cried, they threatened him with a weapon to shut up," Cohen said.

"I would have liked to think that Eitan was treated well, but obviously it was not. These are monsters," the child's aunt said. She added that the family was happy that Eitan had been released, but the boy's father was still in the hands of Hamas.

Yesterday, the Palestinian group released three people with French and Israeli citizenship - Eretz and Sarah Calderon, 12 and 16 years old, respectively, and Eitan Yahalomi, 12 years old.

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