TANGA: The police force in Tanga has arrested 107 suspects for various offences including murder, theft of livestock, armed robbery, unauthorized entry and possession of various drugs.

This was stated today by Tanga Regional Police Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Almachius Investigator while briefing journalists on the operations that took place over a one-month period from October to November 27, 2023.

The commander said 21 of the suspects were arrested with 43 kilograms, 124 kilograms of Heroin, 242 Grams of Heroin, four arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants and seven Ethiopian suspects entering the country without a permit.

He said the others were one suspect found guilty of robbery with a sword and 74 other suspects have been arrested while the investigation is ongoing.

In addition, the Commander Investigator said that in strengthening land and sea patrols on November 21 this year in the Jambe Island area of Tanga District, they had successfully seized a white-and-blue fibre boat with a 15-cylinder HP engine.