The wives of Russian servicemen at war in Ukraine have criticised President Vladimir Putin, a Russian politician. Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, he was accused of hiding information about the situation at the front so that he could be re-elected next year. The angry women called on Putin to bring their men home.

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"We will end our protest only after our husbands return home (FOREVER, we are not interested in rotation)," said an open letter circulated in Telegram by the disgruntled women's Way Home movement.

Russian authorities refused to give permission for several demonstrations, organized by the Way Home, partly due to the situation surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. It is unclear how many women are members of the organization.

Russian military police beat mobilized man in Ukraine over ethnic background

"We remember the president's promise that reservists will not be mobilized and that special military operations will be carried out by people who volunteer for military service," the statement said. They point out that instead their husbands have been at the front for 15 months now, and many of them have died.

"The mobilization has proven to be a terrible mistake," the statement added. Women warn that no one is insured, that they will not be mobilized next year.

Last fall, after the Russian military suffered serious setbacks, Putin announced a partial mobilization, breaking his initial promise not to take such a move.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

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