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  • Polling for 119 seats in Rajasthan was held on November 25.
  • Voting increased in 117 seats and decreased in 82 seats.
  • Voting for Gehlot, Vasundhara, Satish Poonia's seats has come down.
New Delhi/Jaipur:

Voters have set a record in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023. This is the second highest ever voter turnout in the history of the state. For the second time in a row, women cast more votes than men in the state. In the elections held on November 25, there has been a big increase in the voting percentage in 199 seats out of 117 assembly seats in Rajasthan compared to the previous election. There are 82 assembly seats where there has been less voting than last time.

Many seats like Laxmangarh, Shiv, Tijara, Taranagar, Basedi, Sawai Madhopur, HawaMahal, Pokhran, Mandal, Khandela have seen more voting than the last election in 2018. If the old trend is taken as the basis, then it can be considered as a sign of change in power. What does the Rajasthan voting result indicate? Will the kingdom change or custom? It will be known on December 3. But the voting figures are interesting.

Rajasthan recorded a voter
turnout of 75.5% this time.
This time there was 2018.0% more voting than in 8.
The highest voter turnout in 2013 was 75.7%.

Voting increased in
2018 seats compared to 117. Voting decreased in 82 seats.
– Voting has increased in the current 60 seats of Congress and decreased in 39.
– Voting increased in bjp's current 41 seats and decreased to 32.
However, both the Congress and the BJP had cut the tickets of some of their MLAs.
Bjp has re-nominated 73 out of 61 MLAs.
The Congress has re-nominated 100 mlAs out of 86.
Bjp has won 12 seats and Congress has won 14 seats.
- Increased voting in hard-fought seats.
- Voting has increased in most seats of smaller parties and independents.

Ashok Gehlot's
Sardarpura assembly seat, former CM Vasundhara Raje's seat Jhalrapatan and former BJP state president Satish Poonia's seat Amer have seen a drop in voting compared to last time. Gehlot's Sardarpura assembly seat saw a 2018.0% drop in turnout compared to 54. In the year 2018, the voter turnout was 66.22%, while this time it has come down to 65.68%. Vasundhara's assembly seat Jhalrapatan recorded a voter turnout of 77.67 per cent this time, down 77.93 per cent from 0.26 per cent last time.

Area-wise voting
in Rajasthan- Voting has increased in 58% seats of East Rajasthan.
– Voting has increased in 52% seats of Marwar.
- Voting increased in 83% seats of Mewar-Hadauti.
Voting increased in 38% seats of North Rajasthan.

Who benefits from increased voting?
In 1993, when the voter turnout increased by 3.5%, the BJP government was formed.
In 1998, when the voter turnout increased by 2.8%, the Congress government was formed.
In 2003, the BJP returned to power with a voter turnout of 3.8%.
In 2008, the turnout decreased by 0.7% and the Congress government was formed.
In 2013, there was 9% more voting and BJP won a bumper victory.
In 2018, the turnout decreased by 1%, Congress got power.
Voting increased by 2023.0% in 8. The results will be out on December 3.

What does history say?
Election Voting (%) Change (%) Winning Party 1993 60.6 +3.5 BJP 1998 63.4 +2.8 Congress 2003 67.2 +3.8 BJP 2008 66.5 -0.7 Congress 2013 75.7 +9.2 BJP

2018 74.7 -1.0 Congress

2023 75.5 +0.8 ?

Compared to
2018, voting has increased in 64 out of 37 seats in East Rajasthan, decreasing in 27 seats.
Voting has increased in 48 out of 25 seats in Marwara, decreasing in 23 seats.
Voting has increased in 48 out of 40 seats of Mewar-Hadauti, reduced in 8 seats.
In North Rajasthan, voting increased in 39 out of 15 seats, reduced to 24 seats.

Let us know that this time a record-breaking 75.45% voting has been recorded in Rajasthan. The Election Department has released the final figures of voting held on Saturday on Sunday night.In this, 74.62% voting was done through EVMs, while 0.83% voting was done through postal ballot. This time there has been 0.73% more voting than last time.

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