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Running debts and running a large deficit is not a long-term strategy. If there is a new shock like a new crisis or a new pandemic, we do not have buffers to take such a shock, we are on the verge. Vladislav Ivanov Goranov is Minister of Finance. He was born on April 30, 1977. In 1999 he graduated from the former Finance Minister on BNT.

In his words, if you increase government consumption through a deficit, you should help the growth of the economy. The problem, however, is too optimistic revenues as well as rising inflation.

"We have the end of a programming period to absorb, we have a defense system that has not progressed at all, some significant expenditures in the budgets of the regional and defense ministry. Let's give the government a chance to see how it will flexibly manage spending. It's good to have higher growth, but it's bad if you're not ready for the bad scenario," he said.

Journalist Asen Grigorov: The budget is the budget of the Minister of Finance until it enters the National Assembly

"Trying to create wealth for a part of our population through loans is not sustainable. We give more of our options to social policy. We are obliged to pay the pensions of our parents, but we transfer the account to our children, and with interest, "Goranov said.

According to him, if we are not precise, we can continue with the postponement of our entry into the euro area.

"It is important that the budget is reasonable and lasts 12 months. Indeed, I think that after the last talks between representatives of GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in and the government, the new proposed budget option will be supported at least at first reading. We warn of risks and imbalances in the fiscal framework. Assen Vassilev, who set his political career on the implementation of the budget, will be able to prove himself, "he added.

"The MRF does not participate in the initial arrangements for the government, but if they sit down and understand each other, I see no obstacle in taking a ministerial chair in rotation. Magnitsky's burden obviously does not interfere with Delyan Peevski in his career," he said.

Asked how to make an indulgence on Magnitsky, he said: "As probably during the Roman Inquisition – by decision of the Pope. There is a specific mechanism that does not imply participation with other people. Yes, I am taking steps towards that."

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