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Due to the severe meteorological situation, a state of emergency was declared in a number of settlements in the country, and the day is non-school for students from over 280 schools in thirteen districts.

The list of educational institutions for which tomorrow is currently declared non-school is published by the Ministry of Education and Science.

A state of emergency has been declared in the municipality of Valchi Dol in Varna, over 20 settlements are still without electricity, others have no water, the day is unschooled. Nine settlements in another Varna municipality - Aksakovo, are inaccessible, 13 villages are without electricity, as well as part of the town of Aksakovo. All villages in the municipality of Provadia are without electricity.

The situation in the municipality of Tryavna is dire, seven days will be in a situation of disaster in the Dobrich region due to a high number of villages without electricity and water and difficult access to the roads.

In the municipality of Dobrich students will not be at school today.

A state of emergency was declared in the Razgrad region until 10.30 am on November 29, Wednesday, due to the complicated winter situation, over a hundred settlements are without electricity, schools will remain closed. The traffic ban in the entire Razgrad region remains in force.

In the municipality of Silistra the situation is the same - a disastrous situation and a non-school day, but kindergartens and nurseries will work. In the municipalities of Dulovo, Tutrakan and Kaynardzha schools will remain closed, everywhere there are settlements without electricity and water.

In the municipality of Omurgat there is a state of emergency for 48 hours, students are on forced vacation.

A state of emergency has been declared in the municipality of Krivodol by Tuesday. A partial state of emergency was also declared in the municipality of Vratsa.

Monday is a non-school day for schools, kindergartens and nurseries in the municipalities of Vratsa, Mezdra, Krivodol, Borovan, Hayredin, Oryahovo and Roman.

For emergency repairs, one of the substations in Vratsa will be stopped today and a large part of the city will be left without power between 09.00 and 11.00.

In seven of the eight municipalities in Ruse District is a non-school day for all schools and kindergartens due to the lack of electricity.

Today is a non-school day in the city of Shumen and in the region, a state of emergency has been declared, except for the city of Shumen.

November 27 is a non-school day for all schools in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, as well as for the settlements in the municipality of Strazhitsa, except for the town of Strazhitsa and the village of Kamen.

In Pleven there are still settlements without power supply, there is no water in the regional city because of the lack of electricity. Today he will not study in Gorni Dabnik, Nikolaevo, Sadovo and 6 other villages.

November 27 is a non-school day in the municipality of Sevlievo. Only kindergartens in Sevlievo will work.

Besides passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3 and a half tons are already allowed through the Kotel Pass. The ban on the passage of trucks with trailers and semi-trailers remains. Many of the mountain villages in Sliven region are without electricity. He will not study in the municipality of Kotel.

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