The situation in the Lyman-Kupyansk direction remains as active as last week.

This was announced by head of the public relations service of the command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Volodymyr Fitio.

"The enemy does not stop trying to reach the outskirts of Synkivka in order to capture it and develop an offensive on Kupiansk. Fighting also continues in the area of Serebryansk forestry," Fitio said.

He added that the bad weather affected this direction as well.

"The snow has begun to fall, but there is no such bad weather as in the southern regions. Ukrainian defenders are ready for the winter period, and we will resist the occupiers with all available forces and means," he said.

Fitio said that during the day, Ukrainian defenders repelled ten attacks by the occupiers in the direction.

According to him, the enemy fired 353 times at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with artillery and mortars, twice with aircraft. In addition, the Russians used 13 kamikaze drones against Ukrainian defenders.

He added that in the Bakhmut direction, Ukrainian defenders repelled ten attacks — Bohdanivka, Klishchiivka, Andriivka.

"The enemy does not stop trying to oust our defenders from their positions in Klishchiivka. They carried out 17 airstrikes, 18 kamikaze drones and carried out 534 attacks," Fityo added.

Occupiers' losses

In this direction, the Defense Forces destroyed 129 Russian servicemen over the past day, as well as 41 samples of military equipment, including one tank.

Meanwhile, the situation around Avdiivka as of November 27 is very tense. Fierce fighting is taking place there on the outskirts of the Avdiivka Coke Plant. The occupiers are trying to capture the city for the third time. They have not yet reached the coke plant.

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